So, you wanna do drugs?

This video is about the depiction of drugs in film/cinema. It portrays through movie clips the way drugs are viewed as fun and something everyone does at parties etc. However, it transitions to show also the negative side of drug use and its sometimes fatal circumstances.


2 thoughts on “So, you wanna do drugs?

  1. Melissa,

    What a great video essay! I think you could already tell you had a strong video in your hands when you initially showed your project during your presentation. I still think you could have slimmed it down a tad more but you were obviously going for a capacious and exhaustive look at drugs in film and that clearly comes through, especially as you managed to skillfully edit them all together.
    Great work!

    Attendance/Participation B+
    Blog Posts A
    HER Scene Study B+
    Final Project
    Presentation A
    Video Essay A


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