So, you wanna do drugs?

This video is about the depiction of drugs in film/cinema. It portrays through movie clips the way drugs are viewed as fun and something everyone does at parties etc. However, it transitions to show also the negative side of drug use and its sometimes fatal circumstances.


what I did 4/16/15

I gave my oral presentation and I got really good feedback from everyone in the class, I spent the rest of my class period looking for appropriate clips for the second part of my video. Everyone gave me great ideas, so now i have alot of different ideas to use for the transition of my video.

What I did today 4/9/15

Today’s class period was spent downloading clips from movies I have already seen, I also explored new movies I havent seen yet, and looked for appropriate clips I could use in my video. I also spent some time looking for music to put over the video that seems like it would go nicely, I only have the first few seconds put together of my video so far. I hope to have at least two minutes done by next week.

What I did today 4/2/15

Today, I began cutting smaller clips out of big chunks of movies and television shows I have collected. I began trimming them, and also started putting them in an orderly fashion, so they are more easily accessible. For now I;m still gathering all the clips that I will use, I only have a few different movies so I plan on watching more this weekend, to try and pinpoint specific scenes I have in mind for my supercut.


Although I haven’t made any final decisions on the exact scenes that will be used in my supercut, I have decided to format the video a certain way. My supercut will start out with various scenes and clips of drugs, then slowly turn to people taking the drugs. After that, it will be people partying and having fun, then transition to clips which show the negative side effects of drug use.

Final Project Proposal

My project will focus on drug use in film, and possibly television. The way drugs are depicted as “party favors” to have a good time, and then the other side of the spectrum where people are stuck in a world of addiction. Some of the films I will use are, Wolf on Wall Street, Trainspotting, Requiem for a Dream, Wild and Dallas Buyers Club. I’m not sure if I will use a voiceover or on screen text to get my point across, I will probably use alot of iMovie or Finalcut.


3/26/15 – Choose scenes, possibly begin ripping the ones I chose.

4/2/15 – Be finished with ripping scenes, begin editing

4/9/15 – Continue to edit

4/16/15 – Oral presentation

4/23/15 – Finishing touches, add music etc.

4/30/15 – View project

Project Ideas

An idea I had for the project was the depiction of drug use in film, possibly exploring the different parallels between people who use drugs for fun compared to those who are addicted.

Another idea I could explore is the way supernatural creatures are portrayed in films (Twilight vs. Dracula etc.)